I can't even put into words how special this place has become to me over the past 5 days. A lifelong horse lover, I learned so much about the rehabilitation of horses than ever before from the outstanding volunteers at this organization. A lot of people travel overseas to help animals but I cannot recommend this place 35 minutes from ABQ airport enough. The staff is up to date on rehab efforts of abused and/or abandoned horses. The trail guides, especially Tim, are so knowledgeable. You'll never see scenery like this and I'm so grateful for the hours I've spent here, riding and watching and learning, the last 5 days. All the best to this organization.

 - Veronika Lee - 

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Hay & Feed

Your $12 donation, purchases one bale of hay. One bale of hay lasts two and a half days, so with a $144 donation, you can feed one of our horses for a month. You can also donate $100, knowing that would cover yearly teeth cleaning for each horse. Vaccinations as well are critical to bringing in a new rescue or caring for a horse that has really suffered before coming to us; $100 will also cover the annual vaccination requirements. 


The Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Horse Rescue Organization.

For Donations:

PO Box 144

San Ysidro, NM 87053 

Connie: 505-269-5410

The Stables at Tamaya

All of our services are open to the public, booking is required. The Stables at Tamaya in Partnership with Hyatt Regency Tamaya, is a for-profit business (CWW Horse Adventures).

The Stables at Tamaya

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya
1300 Tuyuna Trail

Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

Tamaya Horse Rehab

25 Bobby Garcia Ln

San Ysidro, NM 87053

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