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Horse Rehab in Bernalillo, NM

Tamaya Horse Rehab

EST 2012

We take unwanted horses and rehabilitate them, putting them in the best situation possible, and bring them into their own. As with people, horses need to be understood and nurtured, so we can find hidden talents and act on them. Every person and every animal has a talent or place where they can be useful and 'earn their keep'. We would hope to take hurt or misunderstood horses and turn them around until they become adoptable and/or fit into our Trail Program. We can do this for a couple of horses, but with help we can do it for many. We ask that you buy from our store or send adoption donations. All proceeds go to the care and rehabilitation of the animals.

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Like many girls, especially those who grow up near Albuquerque, Connie Collis fell in love with horses as a girl. Unlike many girls, she never lost that love. Her mission was clear, marry a cowboy, ride everyday, and learn how to train horses. Well, she accomplished just that and more. After working at various ranches in New Mexico and throughout the west, she learned the craft of true horsemanship. While the husband thing didn't work out, the horse thing certainly did. After meeting her late husband, Dave Collis, she began giving lessons and gaining a deeper knowledge of horses, including problem solving and understanding horse and rider relationships. As she dove deeper into training, she became aware of the greater challenges in the horse community. 

Based in San Ysidro, NM, while running a 4H program lessons for children, The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa were looking for an expert to provide lessons to their guests. With that, Connie's expansion started, and she found herself literally collecting horses from unwanted owners and training them to join her team. She frequently took in horses from owners who had fallen on hard times and as her herd grew, she became increasingly aware of the pervasive problem in the southwest of unwanted horses being abandoned. 

Without the interest of The Hyatt Tamaya, Connie truly couldn't help as many of the horses as she wanted to home. The partnership offered her land and a stable to grow. Connie then established the "Tamaya Horse Rehab Program" in 2012. Already, home to 40 horses, she was able to take in more and fund care and training to help the horses become working partners. Connie's belief is that by training rescue or unwanted horses, they have a purpose and home forever. 

The Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program is a 501c3 non-profit rescue organization dedicated to providing shelter, care and rehabilitation to the unwanted, neglected and abandoned horses.

Connie Collis

Founder & Owner

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