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Long ago, Connie Collis started acquiring horses and teaching lessons from her feed shop, CWW Feed Store in San Ysidro, New Mexico. Later, in 2008, the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa took notice of her incredible trail rides and wonderful herd of horses. They were the perfect addition to the resort located on the Santa Ana Pueblo. Shortly after some courting, Connie, her horses, and the Tamaya Horse Rehab program joined The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa and migrated to a spectacular piece of land on the Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. While, CWW Feed Store remains home to much of the operations, nestled at the base of the sacred Tuyuna Rock now lives The Stables of Tamaya. 

As a non-profit organization, our stables is run primarily by volunteers. We retain a few paid staff, but the general upkeep and maintenance of the horses and grounds is done by our incredible volunteers. At 5:00 am every day members of our team show up to begin the day. The main jobs of the day include feeding the horses first, then scrubbing out and filling up water tubs, mucking and clearing the stalls, and general grounds cleaning. 

From there, the real fun with the horses begin. Our team brush and saddle up the horses who will go out on trail rides for the morning session. They will be lined up on the post when you arrive for a ride. Then, our team dedicates time each day to touching and caring for the horses, helping rehabilitate and reinforce human connection and relationship building. Training is something we strive to integrate with the horses each day, in some way or form. Whether it is helping a horse be more comfortable putting on bridal, practicing putting on a halter, turning a horse out to run in the arena, or specially tailored positive reinforcement training, we always incorporate this work as an ongoing rehabilitation for the rescue horses.

Guests will arrive back to the stable after the morning ride concludes, and volunteers will unsaddle and clean up the horses. Then we offer lead arounds to children under 7 who want a private riding experience around the stables. When the weather is still hot, we rinse the horses off, another good chance for training and building trust with our horses. Around midday the older horses are given supplements and extra grains they may need after a ride.

We care for The Horses of Tamaya with as much individual attention as possible. After all the chores and special needs are met for the day, we start all over again. Evening trail rides are prepared, and after all the horses are brushed are put back into their respective pens, the sun sets and the day concludes with feeding all of the horses once more.

The Horses of Tamaya

The Horses of Tamaya are a collection of horses Connie has collected and rescued both before she established the official non-profit organization and after. About 45 of them have been rescued since the rehab programs inception in 2012. Regardless, almost 100 horses who we care for at the stables have all come from some kind of unideal circumstance or a predicament in which they were unwanted. With her big heart and insatiable grit, Connie’s mission is to give as many horses as she can a purpose, thorough care, rehabilitation, training, and love. With the establishment of our non-profit, Tamaya Horse Rehab, and our partnership with The Hyatt Regency Tamaya, that is a living and thriving possibility. Whether you come for a ride, a visit, or make a donation, your support is tremendously appreciated and respected. The Stables at Tamaya is home to over 100 animals: horses, chickens, goats, mini horses and clydesdales, a donkey, and a team of dedicated humans who love them all.

The Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Horse Rescue Organization.

For Donations

PO Box 144, San Ysidro, NM 

Connie: 505-269-5410

The Stables at Tamaya

All of our services are open to the public, booking is required. The Stables at Tamaya in Partnership with Hyatt Regency Tamaya, is a for-profit business (CWW Horse Adventures).

The Stables at Tamaya

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Tamaya Horse Rehab

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